Resident Game Birds are non-migratory species with regulated hunting seasons that fall under the jurisdiction of state fish and wildlife agencies, provincial and territorial governments. Partnerships exist within the resident game bird community that serve to integrate the various bird conservation plans, game and nongame, and their delivery via projects on the ground. Conservation professionals within the resident game bird community provide leadership on policy issues, build consensus, and offer advice to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Bird Conservation Committee as well as NABCI. Hunting for resident game birds is an important part of our hunting heritage, and habitats that support resident game birds are vital to many other species of birds and other wildlife.

National Bobwhite Conservation InitiativeDon McKenzie

National Wild Turkey FederationMark Hatfield

Prairie GrouseSteve Belinda

PheasantScott Taylor

Western QuailRey Sanchez

Spruce Grouse – Scot Williamson

Sage GrouseSan Stiver

Ruffed GrouseDan Dessecker

Lesser Prairie ChickenBill Van Pelt