All-Bird Bulletin

A Bird’s Eye View of Land Conservation in Southern Appalachia

By Michelle Pugliese, Land Protection Director, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy· December 1st, 2015·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·

It's hard to believe a tiny warbler weighing less than half an ounce has the power to permanently preserve hundreds of acres of critical habitat surrounding the Appalachian Trail. Yet thanks to the Golden-winged Warbler [...]

Developing Partnerships with Land Trusts for Bird Conservation

By Ashley Dayer, Conservation Social Scientist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology· December 1st, 2015·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·

The importance of private land to birds is clear. Over sixty percent of the land area in the United States is privately owned, and more than 100 high priority bird species have more than 50 [...]