Human Dimensions Success Stories in Bird Conservation

The greater bird conservation community has identified a need for human dimensions success stories to be collected, organized, and shared with the community. As such, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Human Dimensions Subcommittee has volunteered to take on this project and we've created the following Google form to help collect and characterize the success stories [...]

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Meet the New National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator

With many bird populations declining, scientists are looking for new ways to help protect and conserve vital species. Thanks to a partnership with the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, Virginia Tech is now home to a new, high-profile position that aims to build social science capacity within the bird conservation community through research, partnerships, and outreach. [...]

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Hemispheric Vision for Bird Conservation

During this Centennial year of the Migratory Bird treaty between the U.S. and Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada have looked back over a century of bird conservation successes and challenges as well as looked forward to a future of collaborative bird conservation. Stemming from a charge by the leaders of our three countries, the U.S. Fish [...]

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Nominations Open for Gary T. Myers Award

Each year, NABCI and the Association of Joint Venture Management Boards present the Gary T. Myers Bird Conservation Award to an individual, organization, or partnership that has shown exceptional accomplishments and/or leadership in bird conservation.  This year’s nominations are due by January 20, 2017.  Purpose The U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Committee and the [...]

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NABCI Website has been redesigned!

This week, the US NABCI partnership is releasing our newly designed website, an easy-to-navigate site that both provides information on the US NABCI Committee, as well as directs members of the bird conservation community to information about national-level bird conservation partnerships and resources.

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National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator Hired

The National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator, based in Dr. Ashley Dayer’s Human Dimensions lab at Virginia Tech, will help to better link bird conservation practitioners with social science resources. The Coordinator will help to identify issues in bird conservation that are priorities for social science research, develop a directory of social science resources related to bird conservation, and connect bird conservation partnerships with social scientists. For the first two years of the position, the Coordinator will also work specifically to address social science questions as they relate to private lands and bird conservation.

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Energy, Business and Conservation Leaders Call for $1.3B Annual Investment for States

A group of energy, business and conservation leaders today released their recommendations on how to avert the growing endangered species crisis in this country. The Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish & Wildlife Resources determined that utilizing a portion of revenues from energy and mineral development on federal lands and waters to fund state-based conservation could address conservation needs for thousands of species.

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The State of North America’s Birds 2016 Report Released

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) published The State of North America’s Birds 2016, the first comprehensive report assessing the conservation status of all bird species that occur in Canada, the continental United States and Mexico.

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