NABCI was officially recognized and supported by the Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), whose members are the environment ministers of Canada, Mexico and the United States, at their Sixth Regular Session 27-28 June 1999 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Council encouraged international cooperation to conserve the continent’s bird species. For more information on NABCI’s international creation and international projects, visit the International NABCI webpage.

Since its inception, NABCI has worked broadly across the bird conservation community to facilitate partnerships and advance conservation. The documents on this page reflect a snapshot of NABCI’s activities and successes over the past few decades. Search more recent resources from the bird conservation community on our Resources page.

NABCI Through the Years

U.S. NABCI Charter – document that describes the purpose, structure, and functioning of the U.S. NABCI Committee

Vision of American Bird Conservation” – NABCI’s first publication describing the initiative and its purpose

NABCI Brochure – three-panel fold-out brochure that gives the basics on the U.S. NABCI Committee

Bringing It All Together” – NABCI’s first full-color outreach document

AOU and Bird Conservation: Recomitment to the Revolution” – article by John Fitzpatrick of Cornell Lab of Ornithology published in The Auk in 2002 covers the birth and evolution of NABCI and all bird conservation.

NABCI Update – March ’10 fact sheet that describes the U.S. Committee’s 3-5 year vision and progress on its work plan

U.S. NABCI Committee’s 10th Anniversary Brochure, “A Decade of Integrating Bird Conservation: Finding Common Ground through the North American Bird Conservation Initiative

NABCI has engaged in specific initiatives to define continental bird conservation priorities and organize the bird conservation community. NABCI was instrumental in the development of Bird Conservation Regions (BCR), which delineate ecological regions for bird conservation planning and delivery. NABCI also encouraged the Joint Ventures to become all-bird and worked to define the relationship between the Joint Ventures and the Bird Conservation Regions. NABCI also led the development of a series of Continentally Important Proposals, which describe projects for five priority regions in Mexico that link to US and Canadian regions.