As one of their top goals over the next five years, the Trinational Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI)is seeking to fund up to five continentally important Trinational Projects to advance bird conservation efforts in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The Committee envisions ambitious proposals that demonstrate thec ritical importance of international partnerships to achieve significant accomplishments for migratory bird conservation

For more information, see the Continentally Important Proposals (CIP):An Introduction. For information on specific regions, download the following pdf documents:

Building from priority bird regions in Mexico, NABCI Tri-national Committeemembers are focused on five sites that represent critical areas for prioritybird species that migrate to the United States and Canada. The five sitesinclude: Laguna Madre, Marismas Nacionales, El Triumfo-Chiapas, Yucatan,and Janos Grasslands. Information from long-term migration monitoringstudies has been used to link these Mexican sites with sites in the UnitedStates and Canada that support the priority species. Efforts are now underwayto bring together the regional experts in the three countries to expandthe current Mexican funding proposals to encompass activities that benefitthese priority birds throughout their migratory pathways in North America.
Pete Blancher, Environment Canada, developed linkage maps that demonstrate,on a broad scale, the U.S. and Canadian breeding area linkages for prioritymigratory birds from the five Mexican sites. (See below links to MS Wordfiles that contain the maps)

In addition, spreadsheets were developed that show which Bird ConservationRegions and Joint Ventures in the U.S. and Canada are critical to thesurvival of the priority species. (See below links to Excel Spreadsheetfiles)

For more information, contact any of the Trinational NABCI Committee members or national NABCICoordinators