The Human Dimensions Subcommittee of NABCI grew out of the rising interest among many conservation partners in integrating the science and tools of human dimensions into the business of bird conservation.Its work aims to enable bird conservation partners to do just that by:

  • Building social science capacity in the world of bird conservation;
  • Developing an understanding, through social science, of how to support birdwatchers, natural resource managers, and other key audiences interested in bird conservation;
  • Working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service Branch of Human Dimensions and other partners, to provide resources and trainings to strengthen the social science capacity of bird organizations;
  • Collaborating with the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and other partners to survey hunters, birdwatchers, and the public to better understand their contributions and interests related to bird conservation.

What is human dimensions? Human dimensions (HD) is a field of study that applies the social sciences to examine research questions that have implications for wildlife conservation efforts.  Read more about The Human Dimensions of Bird Conservation in NABCI’s All Bird Bulletin.

The Human Dimensions Subcommittee of NABCI grew out of a workshop (Exploring the Human Dimensions of Bird Conservation) hosted by the U.S. NABCI Committee in the Spring of 2013. This workshop brought together human dimensions research experts, who vary in their theoretical approaches, with agency leaders, who use human dimensions information to achieve their conservation goals. The insights from that workshop were documented in an All Bird Bulletin issue (Spring 2013).

The Human Dimensions Subcommittee is guided by their 2017-2018 Work Plan, which was approved at the August 2017 NABCI meeting.

Projects, Products, and Resources


Tammy VerCauteren, Chair
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Ashley Gramza, Co-Chair
Virginia Tech

Additional Members: John Alexander – Klamath Bird Observatory, Scott Anderson – North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Wilhelmina Bratton – U.S. Forest Service, Dave Case – DJ Case & Associates, Andi Cooper – Ducks Unlimited, Ashley Dayer – Virginia Tech, Chris Deets – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jennie Duberstein – Sonoran Joint Venture, Todd Fearer – Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture, Ann Fortschen – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Jeffrey Gordon – American Birding Association, Elsa Haubold – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jonathan Hayes – Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Rich Iovanna – Farm Services Agency, Megan Jones – Colorado State University, Joel Jorgensen – Nebraska Game and Parks, Andy Raedeke – Missouri Department of Conservation/NAWMP, Terrell Rich – Environmental Consultant, Judith Scarl – NABCI/AFWA, NABCI Coordinator, Rudy  Schuster – U.S. Geological Survey, David Scott – Texas A&M, Natalie Sexton – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ted Toombs – Environmental Defense Fund, Kelly VanBeek – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.