Recent News

NABCI Website has been redesigned!

October 12th, 2016·

This week, the US NABCI partnership is releasing our newly designed website, an easy-to-navigate site that both provides information on the US NABCI Committee, as well as directs members of the bird conservation community to information about national-level bird conservation partnerships and resources.

National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator Hired

October 12th, 2016·

The National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator, based in Dr. Ashley Dayer’s Human Dimensions lab at Virginia Tech, will help to better link bird conservation practitioners with social science resources. The Coordinator will help to identify issues in bird conservation that are priorities for social science research, develop a directory of social science resources related to bird conservation, and connect bird conservation partnerships with social scientists. For the first two years of the position, the Coordinator will also work specifically to address social science questions as they relate to private lands and bird conservation.

Upcoming Events

The Wildlife Society meeting

October 15-19 - Raleigh, North Carolina

Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Meeting

October 16-19 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

US NABCI Committee Meeting

February 8-9, 2017 - Washington, DC

77th Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference

February 5-8 - Lincoln, Nebraska

82nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

March 4-11 - Spokane, Washington