All-Bird Bulletin

We Need a Field Guide to Birders

By Jody Enck, Sister Bird Club Network· August 10th, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·Tags: ·

Birders represent a large segment of non-consumptive wildlife viewers in the U.S. and elsewhere. According to a 2011 study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 46 million Americans participate in birdwatching either [...]

Conserving Mexican Wetlands for North American Waterfowl

By Eduardo Carrera, CEO of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico· July 19th, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·Tags: ·

I remember the first time I looked out on the Celestun Estuary in 1984. I was amazed at the line of migratory waterfowl running from the Celestun bridge to the end of the estuary, around [...]

Celebrating Migration to Help Birds Along the Way

By Susan Bonfield, Environment for the Americas· July 5th, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·Tags: , ·

I saw the long, yellow-legged bird feeding in the mudflats during a recent work trip. There, Environment for the Americas, fondly known as EFTA, was training interns who would conduct shorebird surveys along the Pacific [...]

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Collaborative Conservation!

By Juliette Fernandez, Refuge Supervisor for Arizona and New Mexico, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service· June 15th, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·Tags: ·

What do you do when albatrosses and planes are flying in the same airspace at a naval range? You may say, “Great Scott! Population control!” Laysan Albatrosses have been at risk on the island of [...]

Land Trusts can Help Birds, Birds can Benefit Land Trusts

By Sara Barker, Land Trust Initiative Project Leader, Cornell Lab of Ornithology· May 31st, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·Tags: , ·

I grew up in a part of Ohio where rural vistas and pastoral landscapes were common. As I left for college, developers began slowly buying up large estates and suburban sprawl was creeping into the [...]

A Place to Call Home

By By Justin Fritscher and Amy Robertson, Natural Resources Conservation Service· May 16th, 2017·Categories: All Bird Bulletin·

By Justin Fritscher and Amy Robertson, Natural Resources Conservation Service One of the continent’s rarest birds, the whooping crane, has found refuge not in some untouched reserve but right in the middle of farms. Rice [...]