Photo by Jerald Reb

Photo by Jerald Reb

U.S. bird conservation efforts involve a broad array of organizations, projects, ecosystems, and focal species, and yet the majority of these efforts are supported by a few key, national-level conservation programs. In partnership with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the Association of Joint Venture Management Boards, NABCI formed a coalition to more closely align bird conservation advocacy efforts and messaging, and ultimately develop a coordinated communication strategy that can be used by the broader bird community. Our goal is to demonstrate how the diverse set of individual priorities within the bird conservation community link to a broader picture of national needs and priorities.

To achieve this goal, our partnership is undertaking a three step process:

  1. Identify a short list of programs that have broad importance across the majority of the bird conservation community
  2. Develop or compile national-level, up to date messaging for each of these programs and distribute broadly among bird conservation partners
  3. Develop a strategy to engage partners in this coalition and further coordinate and unify advocacy efforts.

Ultimately, we strive for a broad base of partners that use coordinated, national-level messaging to demonstrate how five national programs are broadly applicable across bird community. In April 2016, this coalition released national-level messaging for five priority programs: for each program, we provide an overview of its importance for bird conservation, and our “5 Programs Overview Messaging” document demonstrates how these five programs combined support national-level, all-bird conservation.

Projects, Products, and Resources


This team led the effort to identify priorities and develop core messages; messaging was developed in collaboration with several other members of the bird conservation community.

Initial Core Team

Judith Scarl
NABCI Coordinator/Team Lead

Tim McCoy
Nebraska Fish and Game/AJVMB Chair

Ed Penny
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Jen Mock Schaeffer